Coffee Boy (a e​.​p​.​)

by Vlayman

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Big Gurl c. '19 Vlayman Pistols at 20 paces is how they used to do Now I ain't mean to scare no one Except for you So everybody's gotta step back Let us do what we're gonna do Pistols at 20 paces For me and you You think yer a big gurl I know you think yer so tuff But you been riding me long enough And now it's time to get off I used to like the sword fights Watch 'em on the TV I seen a litlle bit of pirate, baby In you and me And I used to dig the boxin' But I never wanted to be Rocky I ain' breakin' my hands on no one's head I hope you can see You think you got yerself a story And I don't mean to scoff But nobody's gonna believe yer bullshit. baby They know I ain't that dumbs Drums: Nettage Bass: Spirit_PigCompNano_BlueTube-BA108-SM7b-Brick-16XT_VC3Q Voc: SM7b-Brick-16XT Gtrs: SG_Brd_Electar-AKG D190-UA710_NOSribbon-UA110
To The End c. '19 Vlayman I remember seeing you in the beginning Never thought that you and I would be the only ones a-finishing But then I hadda take a chance, take a gamble, circustancece I remember seeing you in the beginning Never guessing you and I would be the only ones finishing CH: I didn't know that you would come al the way to the end I didn't know that you could come all the wayy to the end Lonely was always what I had, I always thought it was right I never guesed you and I would last more than a night circumstance I bought a drink and began to dance I remember seeing you qat the very end Never guessing you and I would be the only ones finishing I remember seeing you from the beginning Never knew we had no chance of winning Drums: nettage Bass: Spirit_PigPhilCompNano_Nuetrino+RockOctave(solo)-Ba108-SM7b-Brick-160XT_VC3Q Vox: SM7b-Brick-160XT_VC3Q SG_Brd_Electar-AKG D190-UA710_NOSrbn-UA110
God's Six c. '19 Vlayman Been running behind Ain't sure I can even up Even up Even up Howm' I gonna catch up I don't know I'm sick I'm runin' on God's 6 Been fallin' back Can't seem to catch up Catch up I fucked up Howm' I gonna catch up I don't know I ain't gotta chance To make the angels dance I know I can't I just can't I'll never catch up I know Drums: Snarl Bass: Aero_PigxPhil_NEF_WTDI-BA108-Brick-A60XT Voc: SM7B_Brick-160XT Gtrs: SG_Bd_Elektar_AKG D190-UA710_ NOSRbn_UA110_
Dull Yer Shine c. '18 Vlayman You apparently thought it was a matter of pride You was actin' like you was gona be losin' face You ain't too smart, now are you, bud? You lost the fuckin' race, such a waste Yer momma musta never taught you anything except how it is to be loed and admired You just can't seehow siome of us get down innit It ling past time you was retired CH: I don't mean to take up alla your time And I don't mean to cross no line Yes, it's true that I been doin' fine And I don't mean to dull yer shine SOL) CH there ain' no reasoning with stupid, I know You is the epitome o' that For a cupla dollars you gave it al away And me, I'm aiight with that Drums: KenD-S Voc: SM7B-Brick-160 Bass: Aero_PixPhil-BA108-Bric-160.wav_VC3Q Gtrs: SG_Bd_Elektar_AKG D190-UA710_ NOSRbn_UA110_
Coffee Boy c. '19 Vlayman We know you got a story to tell about going to hell In a hand basket And when yer done And we've had our fun We'll take you apar Yer just a part of another racket Ooo-ooh yer a gangster's toy Yer a coffee boy We all know The direction you wanna be leaning But ya gotta give it up When ya get served with a subpoena Claiming it all Is just a conspiracy Shows how dishonestly dumb A coffee boy can be Drums: kris Bass: Aero-WTDI-BA108-SM7B-Brick-160XT_MeekVC3Q Vpc" SM7b-Brk-160 Gtrs: SG_MXRbassOct_BoneShkr_MoskySpring-Electra-AKGD190-UA710_NOSrbn-UA110


What happens when yer daughter works at St*rb*cks.


released November 10, 2019

All by me, with the integral assistance of a lotta caffeine and booze, except drums on 3 by Snarl, drums on 4 by Ken D-S, drums on 5 by Kris,
Everything done at FetaCentralRecording DDL, souf of Chi.
Fartwek by Jose Jones.


all rights reserved



Vlayman Chicago, Illinois

Fat, bald and old - could I be anymo' rock-n-roll?
I play guitar, bass, some keys and percussion, and I try to vocalize. I write and record, and I do so obsessively. Also, I like martoonies, a lot, and I raise my kids, whom I also like, a lot.
Look for me at the TapeOp and TalkBass forums, where I'm vvv, or in various bars in the Loop.
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