FF Strange

by Los Altercocker Rockers

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Drinkin' Wif the Dawgs c. '18 Vlayman Sammie said he gonna put a bullet innit Right before we took away his gun Yeah, he was really, really way down innit It almost wasn't fun You ain't gotta worry, baby, 'bout the bunnies, or the lipsticked hogs, I ain't been steppin' out none, momma, I just been drinkin' with the dogs Willie was hangin' out like he do Hangin' balls out, talkin' trash 'bout you I put him down in the easist way Bought hiim his beers until he went away CH Tommy and Terry was on top of the world Seems like the other night they shared a girl Had a story half was prob'ly made up Been a lotta years sice either one o' them got fucked
FFS c. '18 Vlayman - I never really knew why you rang I's never really clear why you hang I never really knowed when you came I never knowed you lived on the lane I never knowed you wanted a home on the range I never knowed just when you came You're one fucked from strange I never knowed you had so much pain I never knowed you was afraid of the rain I never knowed when you came I never really got a hold on your shame I never really got inside your brain I never really got when you came You're one fucked from strange --s I never really knowed what you sang I never really knowed that you're insane I never really knowed when you came You're one fucked from strange
Drivin' You c. '18 Vlayman Get in and buckle up, baby You are gonna wanna hold on tight We ain't stoppin' for nothin', baby Every damn light's a green light I'm driving you away With everything I do & say Lean back and close yer eyes, baby Dig the sound of the engine runnin' right We ain't stoppin' for nothin', baby Every damn light's a green light CH Well, I know that you love me baby Bare knuckles you been holdin' on tight Nobody's ever loved me like ya do now, baby Even when you scratch me and bite Now I gotta favor to ask you, lady Don't ever let me outta yer sight We ain't stoppin' for nothin', baby, no Every damn light's a green light CH Awe, get in Awe, get in Solo CH 2x


Is the the beginnerin' of the endage, or the end of ever'fookin'thang, or nevermoreatallexecpt, or a paws of the Greater Celestial Poozy, or a anomalous attempt at nuffin'? You deicide, cuz we is alive, mebbe, and She jes' mightcoul'be.

c.' 19


released March 9, 2019

Drums and 'tude: JimC
Guitars and 'ludes: TomS
Alltherest and snoozes: Vlayman

Writ, playt, mixt, masturd, sequenced at FetaCentralRecording DDL somewhere souf o' Chi-town, yo

Fartwerk by Jose Jones


all rights reserved



Vlayman Chicago, Illinois

Fat, bald and old - could I be anymo' rock-n-roll?
I play guitar, bass, some keys and percussion, and I try to vocalize. I write and record, and I do so obsessively. Also, I like martoonies, a lot, and I raise my kids, whom I also like, a lot.
Look for me at the TapeOp and TalkBass forums, where I'm vvv, or in various bars in the Loop.
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