On High

by Vlayman

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My Worst Instincts c. '19 Vlayman Went to 12 steps for the very last time Walked right outta there, and bought a bottle of wine Cause I knew I was gonna have me a night If I was gonna make it thru the dark into the light It's time to drink And indulge the rest of my, worst instincts Thought about you, a buncha times Thought about you, almost lost my mind Went a little crazy , in the middle of the night But I know just what I need to get me right CH There ain't nothin', I haven't tried to forget about you since the night you lied Right there, right there, right there upon my floor I ain't comin' backj through that kinda door Drums: nettage Bass: Steinberger Spirit__Octamizer_Mastrotron-BA108-SM7b-Brick-VC1Q_VC3Q Gtrs: SG_Board-NightTrain-Trion-UA710_SB23L-ISA1.wav Vox: Genesis-Eureka-1176
Ghostin' Me c. '19 Vlayman You was lookin' I was too How was I to know what you were gonna do So what if it was from a personals ad Ain' I the best thing the best thing you never had? CH I know you think I got it made I feel like I'm livin' in the shade yer ghostin' me So you called me Out if the blue How was I to know what you were gonna do And do ya think, I knowed you was gonna play Have ya guessed Have ya guessed what I'm, gonna say CH You was lookin' We was too How was I to know what you were gonna do Now ya left me, I think ya left us dry You got anuvver thing comin' if ya think I'm gonna cry Drums: nettage Bass: Steinberger Spirit_AguilarOctamize_Mastrotron-BA108-Vox: SM7b-Brick-VC1Q_VC3Q Gtrrs: SG_Board-NightTrain-Trion-UA710_SB23L-ISA1 Genesis-Eureka-1176
On High c. '19 Vlayman Came from nothin', mebbe, but it couldn'ta been that bad But that he didn't come from somethin' made him mad _ So he went ahead he did, and he faked him up some class And he went work hard and he went to climbin' fast CH: He built a dream and he made it from a lie 3x Blackmailed hisself on high He went somewhere, aiight, with all them you know Made his self they friend, indespensible _ He got 'em what they wanted, even if they didn't know But they used it gladly and they paid him more and more CH Bridge And he almost went down once, there in FLA But he learned who to threaten and he knew who to pay _ And it took years of screams and cries of j'accuse Until they listened to the little girls' "me too's" CH Drums: nettage Bass: Alvz_SndBloxEnvFltr-BA108-PV520i-Brick-16XT_VC3Q Vox: MD500-Summit-VLA Gtrs: SG_brd-HRDX-E609-UA71_Trion8000-CatPipe-ISA1-Pad
fashie bae c. '19 Vlayman she's a a real piece o' nasty knows how to set me off she looks me in the eye and spits out my love Oh yeah, she's my fashy bae She like to be lookin' down she ain' do too much kinda lookin' round she likes to see wh she thinks is down there she love to give 'em her evil eye stare Oh yeah, she's my fashy bae olivers' army is comin' for you if she's got anything to say about what they do you never catch her offerin' cleency she's so insecure in her supremacy Oh yeah, she's my fashy bae Drums: Andy M. Bass: Bass8_MultiDrive-BA108-PV520i-Brick-160XT Bass8_MultiDrive_MXRbassOct-BA108-PV520i-Brick-160XT EpiGoth-LuxDr-BA108-PV520i-Brick-160XT Vocal: SM7b-Eureka-1176 Gtr: SG_GrnRussian-Electar-AKGd190E-ISA1-Pad
Confirmation Bias c. '19 Vlayman She always said she was smarter than me Jes' kept sayin' it couldn't let it be I took it to her cuz I hadda see And I can tell ya sis you ain't got nuffin' on me I know you ain't the brightest You just can't be And me, I'm indulgin' in some Confirmation Bias You aways claimed to be better'n me You kept a-sayin' it jes' couldn't let it be I took it to ya cuz I thought it important that you see And now you know you ain't got nuffin' on me I know you ain't the highest You just can't be And me, I'm indulgin' in some Confirmation Bias Drums: nettage Bass: Steinberger Spirit_AguilarOctamize_Mastrotron-BA108-Vox: SM7b-Brick-VC1Q Gtrs: SG_Board-NightTrain-Trion-UA710_SB23L-ISA1 Genesis-Eureka-1176


with all the shootings, the politix, the enviro issues and other shite, what else canna poor boy do?

All sounds by yo except Silversmith of the North on drums on #4 and nettage as to the rest
Recorded, mixt, masturd, sequenced at FetaCentralRecording, DDL souf of Chi except Andy's drums was originally done on the tundra
Fartwerk by Jose Jones


released September 14, 2019


all rights reserved



Vlayman Chicago, Illinois

Fat, bald and old - could I be anymo' rock-n-roll?
I play guitar, bass, some keys and percussion, and I try to vocalize. I write and record, and I do so obsessively. Also, I like martoonies, a lot, and I raise my kids, whom I also like, a lot.
Look for me at the TapeOp and TalkBass forums, where I'm vvv, or in various bars in the Loop.
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