The Slow Buzzing (a e​.​p​.​)

by scumble

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Grumpy as Necessary c. '20 Vlayman I can walk down the street with my head up I can walk down the street knowin' my breath is sweet I can turn you over make you feel alright I can keep you up all night I'm old, but only grumpy as necessary I can spend my money anyway I want I can spend yer money, too, if ya want I can take you out, if you wanna go I can take you out, before you know I gotta b qig heart, swollen with love I gotta big heart, you know what I'm speakin' of And I can help you, it's what I do And I can help you, and me, too
Past Tense c. '20 Vlayman Wishin ain't never made nothin' true It's a lesson I learned applies to you No matter what I wated to do you didn't want to you never wanted to I know you're gone Ain't no sitting on that fence This type of song you're forever in the past tense Was a bill couldn't be paid And if I thought you could have stayed I'd have found a way
A Necessary Tragedy c. '20 Vlayman Things been happenin' Things been goin' wrong All the branches seem to be snappin' And nobody's dancing to yer song Many mens is leaving And what few women is almost gone They all stopped believing They're no longer dancing to yer song It's a necessary tragedy As far as we can see On the streets and in the hallways In the alleys and in the court rooms They say you fucked it up in all ways And what's not finished will be soon And if you think they're comin' at you Just hang around a little while Because all the best people and the rest of us Has lost our smiles this here while It's a necessary tragedy As far as we can see It's a necessary tragedy As far as we can see I can't promise that I could ever get it right But we all know you done everything wrong You fucked up the world's brightest light And we don't wanna dance to your song It's a necessary tragedy As far as we can see It's a necessary tragedy As far as we can see It's a necessary tragedy And that 's the way it's gotta be
Do Ya Feel Me? c. '20 Vlayman Yes, I feel it comin' on I feel it I feel it - I feel it Yes, I feel you comin' on I feel you I feel you - I feel you - I feel you - I feel you Solo Yes, I feel them comin' on I feel them I feel them Do ya feel me comin' on Do ya feel me?
The Buzzin' of the Flies c. '20 Vlayman It's with love I tellya That's the buzz he'd have ya believe Canya smell that smell It smells like hell And the clothes strewn across the room ain' no good And when ya see the body there It looks just like ya knew it would Yeah the man was tellin' lies You can tell by the slow buzzin' of the flies Do ya see that crud, all dried up and such? Well, boy, that's her blood It ain't good no more See how it trails to the door? She used to have a life It was full of hunger and strife She sold her ass on the streets, so what She didn't deserve bein' cut up like meat


As the world fears the COVID-19 virus, we fear even more the buzzin' of the flies.


released March 6, 2020

Grankspoine: fartwerk, keys, horns, guitars, derrangmenting, sequencing, recording his parts at Marshland Studios in Ye Merry Olde, and also some music tracks.
Vlayman: drum loop edits, vox, bass, writin', mixin, masturdin' at FetaCentralRecording DDL somewhere souf of Chi.

Not that much Kleenex was used in the making hereof.


all rights reserved



Vlayman Chicago, Illinois

Fat, bald and old - could I be anymo' rock-n-roll?
I play guitar, bass, some keys and percussion, and I try to vocalize. I write and record, and I do so obsessively. Also, I like martoonies, a lot, and I raise my kids, whom I also like, a lot.
Look for me at the TapeOp and TalkBass forums, where I'm vvv, or in various bars in the Loop.
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